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Teaching English Abroad

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    Fact 1
    Approximately 1.7 billion people are learning and using English worldwide in 2018, that will become 2.5 billion by 2022.
  • ​​​​Fact 2
    Strong correlation between large numbers of graduates skilled in English and an increase in countries economic performance.
  • Fact 3
    Recognizing the value of an English-speaking workforce in our competitive global economy, countries are scrambling to increase investments aimed at raising English proficiency levels.
  • Fact 4
    Schools in countries throughout the world are hiring thousands of fluent English speakers every year to teach English.

Roughly 150,000 NEW English teaching positions open every year.

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    High FEEL GOOD FACTOR, teaching is FUN and you make a DIFFERENCE in people's lives!

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Teaching English Abroad

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